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Our second innovative product is Doctrz – The Doctor Patient Engagement Platform.

As part of this platform, we build white-labeled mobile apps for the doctor using which the doctrz customers can avail many services.

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Doctrz – The Doctor Patient Engagement Platform

We create mobile apps on the name of the doctor which empowers him to engage his patients in a meaningful way and help them stay healthy


Generates tokens, notifies patients and reduces waiting time.

Manage Health Records

Upload, Store & Manage all your Health Records at single place securely. Also get doctor feedback thru the app itself

Follow Scheduled Visits

Get Reminders about when to see the doctor – Vaccination for Peadiatrics/Checkups for Ob-gyn etc..(Customized to Speciality)

Follow Prescriptions

Get Reminders for Food/Exercise/Medicine and improve compliance.

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Contact: Mr. Bhaskar at bhaskar@doctrz.com

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