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Smart Phone. Better Care. Good Health.

A companion for all my health needs

Collaborative Health Records
Manage personal and family Health Records which I can share with caregiver, doctor, hospital and my emergency contacts
Expert Opinion
Get experts to answer my health related queries
Integrated Emergency Services
I can notify emergency personnel, family doctor and emergency contacts with my location and health record to get timely help
Anonymous Community
Be anonymous, yet build empathy with people of similar health profile
Hassle Free Appointments
I can seek appointment confirmation from doctor or hospital staff and get real time updates to help me manage time efficiently
Access Anywhere Anytime
Access all my health data on a Tablet or Mobile or PC, irrespective of where I am or which doctor I am visiting
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Doctrz4Me automatically dials emergency number and notifies the personnel with your GPS location, health records and insurance information. It also alerts your caregivers, doctors and your family members.
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